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Cloud Shadow

Cloud Shadow 7298

Washington State is on fire right now. Mostly, it’s east of the mountains, but there is a fire upstream of us on the Skagit River.

Here in Anacortes, on Fidalgo Island, we are seeing effects of the fire. There is smoke in the air. In this image, we see the shadow of the cloud, where the particulate in the air is not being illuminated.

A few days ago, they said that half a million acres were burning. Maybe more now, although yesterday there was hope because the winds had moderated. The burn is turning some of the most beautiful country I’ve ever seen to desert.

Light Drawing 05999


Light Drawing 06078

Light Drawing 06078

Lara and Rosie, the Wolf Cub


Another image from 1978.

Cow Seen on the Road


You know, you see these things sometimes.

A Complicated Situation


From 1971. My two daughters, Marie and Lara (the baby), with my grandmother, Esther Robinson. I’m enjoying going through the files.

The Edifice of Lies, Detail


The Ghost Trestle at Beverly


The Edge of the Field


Logger (7)

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